Why Choose .орг?

Speak the same language as your audience

For Deeper Connections

We will now offer the Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) for Russian speakers, the equivalent of .org in Russian Cyrillic, .орг – for Russian speakers. This new extension will help organizations and individuals promote their causes in native Russian Cyrillic script and make it easier to share information about their efforts in Russian and other Slavic-speaking markets.

For Better Opportunities

You now have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to your online objectives and activities and in your native script. New internationalized domain names help you get the name that describes you best, and helps consumers know what to expect from your website, making it easier to find the information they need.

For Increased Awareness

Russian Cyrillic is one of the most widely used alphabets in the world. Around 250-300 million people in Europe and Asia use it as the official alphabet for their national languages. Therefore, the .орг domain will help you maximize reach to those who care about your mission in their native language and advance your cause.


WHOIS Lookup

Note for WHOIS lookup queries and results: please query the RDDS service of the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Tech contact of the queried domain name.If you believe you have a legitimate interest in accessing non-public WHOIS data please submit your request to WHOISrequest@pir.org.

Centralized Zone File Access

For information on how to use the Centralized Zone Data Service to access the Zone Files of .орг, click here.