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.ORG: Trusted Since 1985

Did you know the Internet’s first registered .ORG domain was MITRE.org? In July 1985, the independent non-profit science and technology institution MITRE registered as a .ORG to promote its mission for a safer world. Today, the .ORG community encompasses a wide variety of organizations, from global non-profits like MITRE to socially responsible corporations to local book clubs and interest-based groups. Over 10 million .ORGs have solidified the trusted and secure reputation of the domain so people know and trust .ORG to represent them online.

The Internet Society is Formed in 1992

Did you know that .ORG has a parent company called the Internet Society (ISOC), a non-profit dedicated to developing the Internet as a resource for good in the world? ISOC connects and supports communities that make the Internet work, including developing infrastructure, providing education, and advocating for an open and free Internet. Over 50% of every .ORG domain registered goes to support ISOC in their mission.

.ORG Lead the Industry Implementing DNSSEC in 2009

Did you know that .ORG was the first open domain to enable Domain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC for its zone, which provided verification of origin authenticity and integrity of DNS data? The .ORG reputation as a valued and trusted resource is founded on a strong conviction of promoting privacy, safety, and security on the Internet.

.ORG Really Is For Everyone

Did you know that .ORG is not just for non-profits or NGOs? The truth is that while many large and small non-profits choose to be represented by .ORG, the domain has always been and always will be open to anyone dedicated to making a difference in their world.


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