Update: A Message from Jon Nevett

“The results are perfect”– what a powerful statement and one I wish every cancer patient could hear from their oncologist. In late April, I rang the bell and celebrated finishing my rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, but I had to wait until this week to confirm that the treatments worked. On Tuesday, I took a number of tests and they show that I am now cancer-free! 


Once again, I am lucky and extremely grateful. After sending my original message, the outpouring of support was tremendous. Thanks so much to my family, my PIR family, my friends, and my industry colleagues for helping me through this experience. The amount of love and support absolutely made going public with my diagnosis worthwhile. 


Going public also provided me the opportunity to be introduced to a number of very special organizations doing fantastic work to fight cancer. One stood out to me, though, as exactly the kind of nonprofit I wanted to support. Located in Alexandria, Virginia, The Prevent Cancer Foundation is dedicated to early detection through research, education, outreach, and advocacy. I am a successful example that its latest campaign – Early Detection = Better Outcomes – is spot on. The more we can do to foster early detection, the more lives will be saved. I am living proof. 


I had the opportunity to meet with the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s terrific CEO, Jody Hoyos, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have made this organization one of my own philanthropic priorities. When you have a moment, please go to preventcancer.org to learn more about its incredible work. Its annual gala on September 27 is also a wonderful way to support its efforts! I will be there – hopefully with a full head of new hair working to help as many other people as possible to also get perfect test results.