Register My .ORG

Register My .ORG

PIR offers an up-to-date list of accredited registrars that are available for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided who you want to register your new .ORG domain from, it’s simply a matter of adding it to a shopping cart and completing payment. Your registrar can provide answers to your questions and help set up your new .ORG domain.

Set Up Your Domain

While domain registration is what registrars are most commonly known for, many registrars also provide a variety of different services and value-adds that can help you set up your website depending on your needs. Here are some common registrar offerings to help you differentiate between them, measure those offerings against your requirements, and make an informed decision.

Hosting services

After you’ve registered your domain name you will need to purchase hosting services that provide you with a designated space for your website on the Internet. Registrars often bundle or package these items together instead of using separate providers. Many people also use different hosting providers outside their registrars, depending on your requirements.
If you’re looking for existing website templates and a built-in toolset for quick customization then WordPress hosting could be a strong choice. Looking for scalability? Cloud web hosting allows site manager to scale their computing resources as they’d like, often resulting in cost savings. Want the affordability of shared hosting but the control of a dedicated server? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) might be a better fit. By finding the service under your registrar umbrella that best fits your business, you can save time and ease overall website management.

Security applications

.ORG holds the protection of online assets for the .ORG community as a top priority so we will always recommend that you find a registrar that offers strong security feature options for your website. To optimize your website safety, look for a registrar with the following offerings: end user Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) management support, privacy/proxy services, SSL certificate, website malware scanner, threat monitoring and hacker protection. These are examples of security functionality that protect you from hackers and other nefarious online activity.

Domain Auctions

Are you interested in purchasing one or multiple domain name that is already in use? Keep tabs on the registrars that offer domain auctions. It’s likely, if the current manager of that domain name plans to sell the domain instead of letting their registration expire, they will do so from a registrar’s auction platform.


If you’re launching your own website and hoping to personalize it, there are several offerings to consider, including independent email accounts, access to a website builder platform/toolset and the ability to develop and design your site. With an independent email account, you can keep all your online communications branded, meaning your email domain would match your website domain, rather than the domain of popular email platforms such as gmail.com or comcast.net. Website design capabilities also allow you to make a more customized site by building it from scratch versus choosing from existing templates.