Advisory Council

The Advisory Council 

The Advisory Council is composed of industry leaders from a broad spectrum of organizations and countries and work to advise Public Interest Registry on issues ranging from public policy to the introduction of new services. Most importantly, Advisory Council members serve as an intermediary between end users and Public Interest Registry, ensuring that the needs and concerns of registrants are known and addressed.


Advisory Council Members


Andrea Abramowitz, USA (2023-2025) 

Andrea Abramowitz is from the United States and currently lives in Frisco, Texas. Andrea is CEO of Kayla Cares 4 Kids, a Florida-based 501(c)(3) twice honored as a .ORG Impact Awards finalist, including one for Kayla Abramowitz (Andrea’s daughter) as the 2020 Outstanding Volunteer winner. A Telly Award winning journalist, Ms. Abramowitz also actively advocates for a number of influential health organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation and Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.  


Pamela Ateka, Kenya (2021-2024) 

Pamela Ateka is from Kenya and currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Pamela is an international speaker and author who is a long-time advocate for women in civic leadership roles in Kenya. Pamela has over 20 years’ experience working to increase opportunities for displaced Kenyan youth. She is the founder of the Community Focus Group, which informs, connects and mobilizes local communities in Nairobi to help protect human rights and promote sustainable livelihoods. Community Focus Group was a 2019 .ORG Impact Award winner.


Babatunde Bale, Nigeria (2023-2025) 

Babatunde Bale is from Nigeria and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. With over three years of experience in Nigeria-based social entrepreneurship and health advocacy organizations, Mr. Bale has earned international accolades for his work on visual impairment projects, including a 2022 .ORG Impact Award finalist for The R.E.T.I.N.A. Initiative, and expects to earn his Doctor of Optometry in mid-2023.


Tijani Ben Jemaa, Tunisia (2023-2025) 

Tijani Ben Jemaa is from Tunisia and currently lives in Tunis, Tunisia. With over fifteen years of experience in ICANN’s At-Large structures, including as Vice Chair of ALAC and Vice Chair of AFRALO, Tijani brings a wealth of end-user advocacy experience. In addition to numerous Internet Governance activities, Mr. Ben Jemaa, a retired telecommunications engineer, served many years in broadcasting and networking senior roles.


John Boswell, USA (2023-2025) 

John Boswell is from the United States and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Chief Operating Officer of Zoe Empowers, a 2021 .ORG Impact Award winner in the “Fighting Hunger and Poverty” category with operations in Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and India that serve over 52,000 orphaned children. Mr. Boswell previously served as Chief Legal Officer of the world’s largest privately held software company, SAS Institute.


Beth Bourgeois, USA (2021-2024) 

Beth Bourgeois is from the United States and currently lives in Monument, Colorado. Beth has over 20 years’ experience doing communications, media relations, and public relations work for mission-driven organizations including the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committees. Beth currently is the media relations officer for Warrior Canine Connection, a U.S.-based non-profit that breeds, trains, and places highly skilled service dogs with wounded service members and veterans.


Lianna Galstyan, Armenia (2021-2024) 

Lianna Galstyan is from Armenia and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Lianna has been instrumental in leading numerous projects to enhance the Internet and local language content in Armenia. Lianna has worked at Armenia’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) operator for over 20 years and currently serves as a Vice Chair of the Board. She also is the Board Chair of the Internet Society Armenia Chapter, has served as the UN Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) member for three years, and is the Coordinator of the national IGF. Lianna also participates in ICANN’s At-Large community and has served as the Vice Chair of APRALO for the past four years. 


Diane Lebson, USA (2021-2024) 

Diane Lebson is from the United States and currently lives in Camden, Maine. Diane is a published author and noted speaker that has decades of experience in small and large mission-driven organizations. Diane is the founder and CEO of Evergreen Philanthropic Solutions, which works with non-profit organizations around the world to empower people to do good. 


Prudence Malinki, UK (2023-2025) 

Prudence Malinki is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in London, United Kingdom. Ms. Malinki has spent over five years at MarkMonitor specializing in Global Corporate Domain Name Portfolio management and Strategic Relationship Development, and is active in ICANN’s Registrar Stakeholder Group and various Policy Advisory Councils across the globe including Ireland (.ie), Belgium (DNS.be) and New Zealand (Internet NZ).