Open for anyone to use, .ORG is the online home for a wide range of people looking to make an impact in their community and the world. Social enterprises, global non-profits, bloggers and even small interest groups (such as your local book club) are all part of the .ORG community.



Managed by the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation Public Interest Registry (PIR), the .ORG domain is mission-driven just like the .ORG community that it calls home. The Internet Society (ISOC), our parent company, is also a 501(c)(3) with its own mission to advocate for and support a free and open Internet for the world. To accomplish this, ISOC focuses on Internet standards development, educational initiatives, and technically sound policy formation. .ORG’s purpose aligns with ISOC’s mission and shared goals.

PIR provides financial support to ISOC and collaborates to support its efforts to address improve Internet access around the world. Through .ORG domain sales, more than 50 cents of every dollar earned goes directly to supporting ISOC’s work on impactful initiatives such as building network infrastructure in rural areas or education programs teaching technical skills to people from villages in developing countries. Through a sharing of common goals and a passion to make the world a better place, ISOC’s mission and .ORG’s purpose align and complement one another.


.ORG’s Quality Performance Index

.ORG’s reputation as a trusted and respected domain is earned through our purpose-driven efforts to always strive for that unattainable higher standard. We look for ways to make the world a better place. In May 2019, the Quality Performance Index (QPI) was created by us to accurately measure the quality of individual registrar .ORG namespaces.

First and foremost, the QPI was designed to improve the overall quality of the .ORG namespace and continue to maintain and build trust in the .ORG domain. .ORG is the most trusted open top-level domain, and our hope is that the QPI is the first of many such initiatives designed to help keep it that way. PIR prides itself on being an exemplary registry, not just for .ORG but as an advocate for the betterment of the Internet as a whole. We believe the QPI is our proactive approach to helping achieve a cleaner domain space for everyone.