Top Questions

Can I register a .org domain name if I am not a 501(c)?

How do I become an accredited registrar with Public Interest Registry?

What are the new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains)?

What is a domain name registry? A registrar? A registrant?

How many TLDs (Top Level Domains) are there today?

What is a gTLD (generic Top Level Domain)?

General Questions

What does it cost to become a registrar for Public Interest Registry?

How do I find out who has registered a domain name?

What are the domain name registration terms?

I found a site online that offers your domain names, but it isn’t on Public Interest Registry’s list of authorized registrars. Why not?

What are new Top-Level Domain Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)?

Who is Public Interest Registry?

.org Domain Names

What is a .org IDN?

How many .org domain names are there?

.ngo .ong Domain Names

Is Proxy or Private Registration available?

What are the registration terms for .ngo|.ong?

Are DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) available for .ngo|.ong?

How do I make sure no one gets my .NGO/.ONG domain?

How can I register a .ngo|.ong domain name?

Who can register a .NGO or .ONG domain name?

How will .NGO and .ONG differ from .ORG?

Internationalized Domain Names

How do I become an accredited registrar for .орг, .机构, and .संगठन?

What is the lifecycle for the domains in .орг, .机构, and .संगठन?

Are there any geographic or industry restrictions on who can register .орг, .机构, and .संगठन TLDs?

Do .орг, .机构, and .संगठन TLDs offer DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)?

What is the difference between .org and IDN TLDs?

DNS Security (DNSSEC)

What are additional resources for DNSSEC?

How is a DNSSEC registration different from a typical domain registration (without DNSSEC)? What additional data are collected?

What are the notifications for a key rollover in DNSSEC?

How does a scheduled rollover help prevent key compromise?

What is a key rollover?

What is a key?

What is a DNS resolver?

What are high level concerns for registrars for DNSSEC?

What are some of the benefits of DNSSEC?

How do I deploy DNSSEC?

Can I now update my domain name with DNSSEC records?

What does the administration of a DNSSEC signed zone entail?

What does it mean that you have signed the zone?

How does DNSSEC protect against this attack?

What does DNSSEC protect against?

What is DNS Security (DNSSEC)?

WHOIS Lookup Service

Why is Public Interest Registry limiting WHOIS Port 43 access for the general public?

When I use the WHOIS portal for search, why do I receive the “WHOIS LIMIT EXCEEDED” error message?

Why does the your WHOIS display the auto-renewed expiration date instead of the original expiration date?

My registrar is requesting that I renew my domain name, but according to the WHOIS, it has been renewed for one year. What’s going on?

Domain Name Anti-Abuse Policy

Who do I contact if I suspect a .org, орг, .机构, or .संगठन domain is being abused?

Does the Abuse Policy deal with alleged violations of trademark or other intellectual property rights?

How does Public Interest Registry protect registrants?

How will this policy affect registrants?

What authority does Public Interest Registry have to enforce the abuse policy?

Why did Public Interest Registry issue this policy?

Redemption Grace Period

Where can I find more information about the ICANN requirements for RGP?

Will I be charged a renewal fee in addition to the RGP fee itself? Do I lose any time that remained on my registration?

My domain name is in RHP (PENDING DELETE SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE). Why can’t I restore it?

Why is my registrar charging me to redeem my domain name through RGP?

My registrar sent a restore request, but my website and email still aren’t working. Why not?

Will I still be able to get email if my domain name is in RGP?

Will my domain name still work if it is in RGP?

How do I know when a domain name will be released for re-registration?

My domain name has been placed in RGP. How do I redeem it?

How do I know if a domain name is in RLP?

How do I know if a domain name is in RHP?

How do I know if a domain name is in RGP?

What is the Restore Lock Period (RLP)?

What is the Redemption Hold Period (RHP)?

What is the Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

Disputes and Problems

I made changes to my domain through my registrar. Why are the changes not reflected on WHOIS?

My domain name is listed as ‘Inactive’. Why?

How do I make changes to my domain name, including adding name servers or making Domain Name System (DNS) changes?

How do I backorder a domain name?

I need the username and password for my domain name. How do I obtain them?

Who can tell me why my domain name isn’t working?

Can Public Interest Registry confirm the auth code my registrar gave me?

I want to transfer my domain name, but my registrar is asking for an authorization code (auth code). What is it, and where can I get it?

How do I transfer my domain name to a new host? A new registrant? A new registrar?

My domain name was not renewed and deleted. Now it is registered to another. Can I get it back?