.FOUNDATION is the domain that allows non-profit philanthropic foundations and for-profit corporations with a philanthropic arm to clearly and immediately signal to audiences that your website belongs to an entity with a commitment to philanthropy.


As part of the .ORG family of domains, .FOUNDATION further empowers mission-driven organizations to engage with their communities and advance positive change in the world.


.FOUNDATION can be used by philanthropic entities to immediately and easily communicate their identity and purpose. .FOUNDATION can also provide a great option for any mission-driven entity to establish a standalone website for specific campaigns or projects, serving as a complement to your primary website.


The .ORG family of domains is powered by Public Interest Registry, which is committed to keeping our TLDs accessible, in line with our mission to help serve the public interest online and empower mission-driven organizations of all shapes and sizes.




Note for WHOIS lookup queries and results: please query the RDDS service of the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Tech contact of the queried domain name.


If you believe you have a legitimate interest in accessing non-public WHOIS data please submit your request to WHOISrequest@pir.org. (Due to technical issues, some emails to this address have bounced. This is now resolved. If you submitted an email in the past, please resend.)


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Centralized Zone File Access


For information on how to use the Centralized Zone Data Service to access the Zone Files of .FOUNDATION, click here.