Pot Bellies – Getting Rid of Your Belly Fat For Good

Are you sick of looking at your pot bellies, wishing there was some way to finally firm them up? Do you want to know how to get rid of your pot bellies once and for all?

No matter how skinny you are, worry if you have a potbelly because it can put you at risk for serious medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Men with pot bellies are twice as likely to develop diabetes than overweight men.


Women with a similar weight distribution had an increased risk for probable death. The reason for this is that fat accumulates around vital organs resulting in heart disease and circulation problems. Pot bellies are considered a risk factor for heart disease, aorta surgery, hypertension, and stroke.

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Pot Bellies and Diabetes - What Are the Effects of Insulin on Belly Fat?

If you have a pot belly, worry not, as being overweight does not automatically mean that you have a pot belly. Men with pot bellies tend to have twice as high mortality rate than those who are considered to be overweight or obese.


Women with such a fat distribution had a nearly 1.5 times greater risk for premature death. In other words, women who have a pot belly are more likely to die earlier than those who maintain a healthy weight for their bodies.


The reason behind this correlation between obesity and fat distribution is simple. If you are carrying fat in your midsection, it means that you have a pot belly. And, if you carry extra fat over the middle of your abdomen, it also means that you have a pot belly.


Thus, if you want to reduce your chances of developing health problems associated with excess belly fat, you should focus on your midsection. But what can you do to lose that excessive fat around your waist?

Pot Belly Studies

It was later studies by Dr. Lopez Gimenez that brought to light the effects of estrogen hormones and insulin on belly fat. It was these findings that made the connection between obesity and fat distribution.


According to Lopez Gimenez, women who have large amounts of estrogen hormones are more likely to have larger bellies during their child bearing years. He further explained that when these hormones decrease with age, the body then stores more fat in the abdominal area to protect vital organs.


This eventually results to the development of large pot bellies. However, it is unfortunate that only the most overweight and obese women are the ones who are affected by the dangers of estrogen and insulin.

Control Pot Bellies With Stretching Exercises

Pot bellies are commonly caused due to excess accumulation of fats (visceral fat) in the abdomen. There are various reasons why fat accumulation occurs in the belly. 


Alcohol tends to have a negative effect on male reproductive system too. It decreases the sperm count and adversely affects the semen quality. When a man has excess body fat, it results in hormonal imbalance, leading to reduced libido and sexual potency.


The main problem of excessive belly fat is that it completely blocks the doorway of the rectum. Therefore, there is no outlet for the excretory tract and the large intestine which result in constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.


The solution to this problem lies in a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise to include the rectal muscles.

Most of the time, the protruding belly creates tension on the abdominal muscles, which weakens them to a great extent. This often leads to severe back pain and makes it difficult for the patient to move around.


Regular exercises help to strengthen these muscles and prevent the belly from getting out of control and leading to serious health problems. these muscles so that they can hold the body in the desired position without straining the spine.


Stretching exercises are also recommended to stretch the muscles of the stomach and lumbar region to reduce the accumulation of excess body fat in the abdominal area. Regular exercise and proper diet not only contribute to healthy weight loss but also to the control of pot bellies.

Get Rid Of Your Pot Belly

If you have a potbelly, worry not; there are ways to get rid of it. Although pot bellies do not directly cause death, the condition does lead to other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc.


Although these diseases can all develop even without being overweight, the tendency to carry excess body fat could accelerate these conditions. Thus, if your fat is not burnt off, it could grow to be a serious medical problem.


The National Health and wellbeing Association reported that women with pot bellies had twice the death risk of those who are thin or healthier. Women with a similar body fat distribution had a nearly 1.5 times greater chance for premature death. Going to a doctor may seem like going to the tailor now.

However, losing weight is always better than having a larger belly that could grow at a faster rate. Unfortunately, most people are unwilling to try very hard to lose weight, as they believe they would lose their attractive shape in a matter of weeks or months.


Losing weight is never easy and you may feel frustrated. If you are having trouble losing fat, you may want to consider going on a diet or undergoing exercise training. 


If you are not fond of exercising or have a hard time sticking to diets, you could take on a pot-bellied diet that would help you shed that pot bellies forever. You could also combine a healthy diet and some exercises that will help you burn off the excess body fat.

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