Pain back of knee – Cause, Symptoms and Treatments

Pain back of knee is a very common complaint of people suffering from various types of arthritis, and it seems to be getting more common. In fact, it is now thought that up to 80% of people over the age of forty may be suffering with some form of arthritis in their back area at some point in their lives.


Back of knee pain is a common and very painful condition. Most of us tend to ignore the pain that we feel in our back because most of us are so busy and preoccupied with what is happening in our bodies when it comes to the development of muscles, bones and other parts of the body.

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Structure of Knee Joints

The structure of the back of knee joints consists of three parts: the femur, the tibia, and the meniscus. The meniscus is a ring of bone that help to hold the thigh bone to the femur, and is where most of the weight of the leg is held.


Due to the fact that this bone is quite unstable, and tends to quickly move and shift around when people are active, this can result in pain in the lower leg when this part of the body is bent or extended. The surface of this knee joint is often seamed by a thin white film of hyaluronic acid, which keeps the joint working smoothly in a pain-free, smooth, way.

Learning the Pain Back of Knee Symptoms

Many people are unsure what the pain is like with their back of knee, and some do not even realize that this pain is so unrelenting that it actually interferes with everyday activities. The pain of the back of the knee usually stems from an injury to the muscles, ligaments, or bones in your knee.


If you do not have the time to seek medical care for your back of knee, there are other alternatives to treating your pain. There are many over the counter pain medications that can help ease the pain, and this will make you more able to get around, but if you need a medical treatment, you can find help at a good medical supply store in your area. If you want the best treatment, however, you need to learn more about what is causing your pain back of knee.

Pain back of knee Cause

Most likely, your back of knee comes from poor muscle or ligament conditioning that has resulted in inflammation. This inflammation then can cause your joints to tighten up, and this tightening will cause pain.


You may have a bad case of aches and pains, and while you are taking pain killers, you may also be putting yourself at risk of developing osteoarthritis in your knees. Osteoarthritis is a debilitating condition that causes stiffness and swelling to your joints and will cause you great pain.

Treatments for Back Pain of Knee

There are many treatments for back pain of knee, but most of them rely on strong, heavy medicine that can be difficult to get through your whole life without. However, there are alternatives, and one of these involves an exercise regime, specifically water aerobics.


As mentioned above, the meniscus is the piece of bone that runs from the front of the thigh all the way down the back of the knee joint, acting as a shock absorber, and stabilising the knee joints themselves.

Inflammation of the joints

The knee pain of a straight (flexible) kneecap sinew can be caused by a wide range of factors, including arthritis, gout, overuse or even inflammation of the joints, and is often just a small irritant in an otherwise relatively pain free knee joint.

When this area is inflamed it becomes thickened tissue forms, and can be the cause of a lot of pain for the sufferer. There are some very effective treatments available that can relieve much of this pain, including exercise, and the development of new, healthy tissue growth in this area.

Physical Therapist for Treatment

If you do have a bad case of pain back of knee, your doctor will likely recommend you see a physical therapist for treatment. A physical therapist will teach you how to stretch your muscles and ligaments to help relieve the pain.


They may also suggest therapeutic exercises to strengthen your joint muscles, and this will keep you pain free for a long period of time. It is important to remember that you do not have to continue to endure pain, and you can take steps to correct your condition.


You can visit your local medical supply store and learn more about how to deal with your pain back of knee.

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