Bicep Workouts for Muscular Development

Bicep workouts are a great way to build your muscles, and they are also a great way to work your triceps – another muscle group that is often neglected during arm exercises.

A bicep workouts can be very intense and should only be done one at a time, after warming up and reducing the number of repetitions you’re doing in your warm ups. Most bicep workouts will start with a short amount of resistance band or a cable pulley to create some initial resistance.


You’ll want to use heavier weights as you advance, but start out with the resistance band or cable and slowly increase the weight as you progress – don’t strain yourself or you’ll only injure yourself.

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Compound Bench Presses

For bicep workouts, your first exercises should be compound bench presses, which involve two different moves: the standing-alternate and the seated-alternate dumbbell press, performed with your palms facing away from your body. These exercises work out the biceps most effectively, because they require the largest range of motion and force for maximum effectiveness.


Other exercises that work the pectorals and forearms include incline dumbbell presses and lying bent over barbell bench presses. Other exercises that hit the shoulders include wide grip pull-ups and incline dumbbell presses.

Chin-up Workout

Another great bicep workout involves chin-ups, and although this exercise does not isolate the muscles involved, it is a great way to build overall body strength and build a strong core, as well. To do a good chin-up workout, your workout routine should include three sets of chin-ups, held on your knees and heels, performed with a full range of motion, allowing your elbows to dip down towards the ground.


Other exercises to add to your bicep workouts include bent-over rows, or lateral raises, both of which stress the lateral and inner obliques in your chest area and pull the shoulder muscles in the process. Chin-ups also improve your posture, because they require you to keep your chin up. Other exercises to add to your bicep workouts that focus mainly on the upper body include dumbbell shrugs, lateral raises, and overhead triceps extensions.

Bicep Workouts With Dumbbells

The bicep workouts with dumbbells is a very common exercise, which is done on most every exercise bench in gym nowadays. They are known to provide a lot of benefits to bodybuilders and athletes alike. The bench press has long been known for being an effective tool to strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest.


Although it is always good to maintain a balance between repetitions and weight used, they can also be used as one of the most efficient exercises that train large muscle groups in the body. If you’re a beginner, then you must start off with the free weights and slowly move on to using dumbbells.

Three Main Bicep Workouts

There are three main bicep workouts that are commonly practiced by both beginners and pro bodybuilders. They are the wide grip pull up, the incline pull up and the flye pull up.


These exercises are effective bicep workouts because they not only target your biceps directly, but also other smaller stabilizing muscles in your arms, such as the triceps. This is because the flye and pull ups target all parts of your arm, resulting in a total arm workout.

Dumbbells Sets and Reps

When you go to do your bicep workouts with dumbbells, you need to do three sets of twelve, twenty or thirty reps. For each set, you should go up to a weight that is easy for you to lift, so that your muscles don’t become too accustomed to working for a big weight.


Keep in mind to alternate these sets between three sets, and eventually you will have your own set of bicep workouts that you can do without any help.

Best Bicep Workouts For Men

The cable curl is probably the one exercise that bicep workouts are based around, and that is why this exercise remains one of the most popular bicep exercises. It works your biceps with high resistance and sets a pretty good pace for your workout, which makes it a great exercise for building muscle mass.


For your cable curls, sit in a pull up bar or chair and put a weight on your palms. Curl up as high as you can, then lower yourself back down to the starting position. Do this for as long as you can, then take a break and then do it again. Keep doing this exercise for at least five to ten minutes, three times per week.

Standard Dumbbell Presses

Another very important bicep workouts involves the standard dumbbell presses. I don’t know why many people avoid doing these, but they are an absolute must. When you perform standard dumbbell presses, your elbows are locked out and you have to keep your biceps squeezed, without letting them pop out.


Your palms should be facing towards your body, not out towards the direction of motion. So, it’s like holding a dumbbell in an upside-down position. Your elbows should be parallel to the floor and make sure your grip is tight enough so that your palms stay locked together.

Barbell Bench Press

In addition to regular dumbbell presses, another of the bicep workouts you need to do is a regular barbell bench press. Three sets of eight reps of each is all you need. For this exercise, I usually prefer three sets of twelve reps, because it builds momentum. With three sets of twelve reps, you should be able to work your muscles for three full sets of eight, and that will give you an incredible burn.

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